Paper cups are the best selling versatile economic products in the disposable class. Paper cups are practical solutions designed for your drinks and suitable for daily use. With its space saving structure, cardboard cups do not occupy storage areas much.

Paper cups (Cellulose) are disposable cups made of paper and lined with wax or plastic to prevent the liquid from soaking the paper. Paper cups are hygienic and are made of food grade papers that store hot and cold liquids for a long time.

Thanks to conscious consumers, the demand for paper cups is increasing day by day. Paper cups are more environmentally friendly than their counterparts, and they are increasingly popular with users as they are not exposed to infection due to their food-safe raw material used.

Paper cup types are among the ideal products when you do not want dishes to come out in crowded environments. Paper cup types that offer ease of use are also extremely easy to dispose of.

Among the most important advantages of the printed cardboard cup types is the ease of use it offers to its users. Today, when takeaway is common, you can take your coffee with printed cardboard cup models and carry it wherever you want. You can sip your tea or coffee using cardboard cups in parks and picnic areas. In addition to all this, the disposal of cardboard cups is extremely simple and easy. After sipping your drink, you can throw your glass in the trash can near you. For this reason, disposable paper cups are very suitable for consuming beverages.

Classhome24Cardboard cups are fun, their models and patterns are stylish, practical and their prices are very low compared to glass cups. Disposable healthy cardboard cups are used for the first time, saving the user a great deal. Cardboard (paper) cups are hygienic, economical, disposable products that are fully compatible with human health and the environment. 100% converted to nature. During the production of environmentally friendly disposable paper cups, materials that threaten human health are not used. Paper cup models produced using natüre friendly and natural materials are healthy promotional products. Paper cup types are environmentally friendly and much healthier than plastic cups. When you have to use disposable glasses for different reasons, you can be sure to choose the one that causes minimal damage to nature.

You can contact us to have the healthiest cardboard glass products produced using cardboard cup machines, with the most suitable cardboard cup prices.

Organic, Eco Friendly, Ripple Kraft Paperboard, Paper Cup, 3000 Pieces, 8 oz (225 ml)

Care should be taken when buying granite pots. For example, the granite pan you will buy should definitely be heavy. Inexpensive and lightweight pans are just granite coated pans. Prefer pans with the color of the granite stone.

Heavy pans in dark gray, light gray and brown tones are made of real granite. Some companies also sell Teflon cookware, with only a small amount of granite on the outside, at an affordable price. When pots covered with such a small amount of granite are scratched, it is unsuitable for health, just like Teflon pots. Granite pots provide even heat distribution while cooking, making the food more delicious.

Since the surface of granite pots is nonstick, it is very easy to clean. Since natural granite is used in the structure of granite pots, it is more resistant to scratches. There are also fakes of granite pots on the market, which have a hard and thick coating surface. For this reason, care should be taken when choosing granite pots, and care should be taken to choose a quality and well known brand.

Granite pots can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Even metal spoons can be used in granite pots, which are resistant to scratching, abrasion and high temperature. Since the nonstick feature of these products is at the highest level, even oil free dishes can be used easily without sticking problems.

These pans, which got their name because granite is used in the construction, generally have a longer lasting and granular structure than steel or Teflon. Granite pans, which are in the dowry of every young girl, are among the preferred models due to their longevity as well as being expensive. Known for its scratch resistance, granite pans distribute the heat quite evenly, as it has mass weight. It doesn’t even require you to add any oil to what you’re cooking. Because it has nonstick feature.


Emsan Milet Granite Surface 7 Piece Nonstick Tile Gradient Casserole Set

• Granite pans are primarily a type of pan that is healthy and easy to use.

• Granite is used in the construction of this ceiling. Granite, which is a common type of stone, has a granular structure. When you look at the granite products used, it is observed that there is a granular texture, not a plain pattern.

• The minerals in the granite stone can be gray, pink or white in color. These colors are also reflected in granite pots and pans.

• Granite products, which have a very durable structure, are very strong against scratching.

• Granite pan types that are heavy in mass also distribute the heat they receive quite evenly.

• If you wish, you will not need to add any oil for the meals you will cook in a granite pan. Because these pans cook vegetables and meat easily.

• Since it has no sticking feature, cleaning this ceiling will not tire you at all.

• Granite pans are kitchen appliances with high economic value.

Gülsan Safran Granite 5 Piece Set, Pot Pan Set Beige

With the removal of Teflon pots from the kitchens, granite pots started to take place among the options as an alternative after ceramic pots. The granite pan is an item that has been frequently preferred in kitchens in recent years, both suitable for health and very easy to use.

Completely natural granite is used in the production of granite pots. Granite pots, which are suitable for use in terms of health, have non-stick properties. Granite pots, which are not scratched even when using metal spoons, are resistant to abrasion and high fire, can be easily washed in the dishwasher.

If you do not have a lot of time for cooking and cleaning in the kitchen, granite pots will be suitable for you. Especially working women prefer the dishwasher to save time at home.

Gülsan Sanem 7 Pieces Granite Pot Pan Set, Braun

• The granite pan, which has erased the name of Teflon ceiling from memory in recent years, has a structure suitable for health.


• If the Teflon ceiling is scratched, carcinogenic substances in its structure are released. This situation is not the same for granite pans. There is no carcinogenic risk as there is no scratch on the granite pot.


• Use wooden or only heat resistant bio silicone spoons for granite pots and pans. You can always contact us for healthy and bio spoons.


• Granite pan is a pan that is considered suitable for human health and does not harm when in contact with food.


• Because it cooks food quickly and deliciously; is considered healthy.


Emsan Brava Pro Pink 13 Pieces Nonstick Granite Cookware Set

One of the most preferred kitchen utensils lately is granite pans and pots. It quickly took its place among the most used kitchen products, both because of the advantages it provides while cooking and because they are healthy. So, how to clean granite pans and pots that are used heavily?

If you want to clean the granite pan in a short time, you can put it in the dishwasher with peace of mind.

After sautéing, crying or cooking other dishes, you can rinse the granite pan and put it in the dishwasher. It has a structure suitable for dishwasher washing. The salt in the Quality less Dishwashing Tablets damages its nonstick feature.

Granite pans or pots can be easily cleaned by hand. Strong stains may occur after cooking certain dishes. However, after use, you can simply clean it with dish soap and a sponge, which will not harm your ceiling.

Some sauces can cause small stains on pans. However, you can quickly clean it with a dish sponge. You should not use abrasive detergents when cleaning your granite pots and pans.

It is not correct to wash the granite pan with cold water as soon as you take it off the stove. Because the structure of granite can be damaged. Another suggestion to clean the burnt and oil stains on the pan is to add water and some vinegar to your granite pan or pot and boil it for 2-3 minutes. When you clean it later with a sponge, you can see that the stains and traces disappear.

A Brief History of Tile Art
Tiling is an eastern art that dates back to ancient times, back to the Assyrians. In ancient times, tiles were used as an architectural ornament in the cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran and Crete.

Tile Art

It spread to the islands of Mallorca and Spain (Granada, Valencia, Toledo, Barcelona, ​​etc.) by different routes, and in the 14th century, tile workshops were established in Italy (Florence, Siena, Urbino, Gubbio, etc.). Starting from the th century, tile making spread all over Europe (France, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.).

Handcrafted Tile Products
The products made with the Art of Tile are among the products that best symbolize the value of the land, as it is an art made of soil. Products made with tile art, which has preserved its value from the past to the present and increases it day by day, are frequently preferred as souvenirs today. There are many different categories of products produced with tile art. Products such as candle holders, vases, pomegranate decor sets, tulip decor sets, plates, snack bowls, sauce bowls, salad bowls, glasses are the ones we can count here. There are many different kinds of products made with tile art.

The vase is one of the tools that has captured an important symbol for use from the past to the present. The fact that people match the basic need of water with a vase has also taken an important place in gaining the symbolic value of the vase. Vases have not only been a means of transporting water, but have also become an important symbol and figure of their love for fountains.

Tiled vase models with many colors are also used as an important decorative item in living spaces such as home and workplace.