Since the surface of granite pots is nonstick, it is very easy to clean. Since natural granite is used in the structure of granite pots, it is more resistant to scratches. There are also fakes of granite pots on the market, which have a hard and thick coating surface. For this reason, care should be taken when choosing granite pots, and care should be taken to choose a quality and well known brand.

Granite pots can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Even metal spoons can be used in granite pots, which are resistant to scratching, abrasion and high temperature. Since the nonstick feature of these products is at the highest level, even oil free dishes can be used easily without sticking problems.

These pans, which got their name because granite is used in the construction, generally have a longer lasting and granular structure than steel or Teflon. Granite pans, which are in the dowry of every young girl, are among the preferred models due to their longevity as well as being expensive. Known for its scratch resistance, granite pans distribute the heat quite evenly, as it has mass weight. It doesn’t even require you to add any oil to what you’re cooking. Because it has nonstick feature.


Emsan Milet Granite Surface 7 Piece Nonstick Tile Gradient Casserole Set