Care should be taken when buying granite pots. For example, the granite pan you will buy should definitely be heavy. Inexpensive and lightweight pans are just granite coated pans. Prefer pans with the color of the granite stone.

Heavy pans in dark gray, light gray and brown tones are made of real granite. Some companies also sell Teflon cookware, with only a small amount of granite on the outside, at an affordable price. When pots covered with such a small amount of granite are scratched, it is unsuitable for health, just like Teflon pots. Granite pots provide even heat distribution while cooking, making the food more delicious.

• Granite pans are primarily a type of pan that is healthy and easy to use.

• Granite is used in the construction of this ceiling. Granite, which is a common type of stone, has a granular structure. When you look at the granite products used, it is observed that there is a granular texture, not a plain pattern.

• The minerals in the granite stone can be gray, pink or white in color. These colors are also reflected in granite pots and pans.

• Granite products, which have a very durable structure, are very strong against scratching.

• Granite pan types that are heavy in mass also distribute the heat they receive quite evenly.

• If you wish, you will not need to add any oil for the meals you will cook in a granite pan. Because these pans cook vegetables and meat easily.

• Since it has no sticking feature, cleaning this ceiling will not tire you at all.

• Granite pans are kitchen appliances with high economic value.

Gülsan Safran Granite 5 Piece Set, Pot Pan Set Beige