A Brief History of Tile Art
Tiling is an eastern art that dates back to ancient times, back to the Assyrians. In ancient times, tiles were used as an architectural ornament in the cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran and Crete.

Tile Art

It spread to the islands of Mallorca and Spain (Granada, Valencia, Toledo, Barcelona, ​​etc.) by different routes, and in the 14th century, tile workshops were established in Italy (Florence, Siena, Urbino, Gubbio, etc.). Starting from the th century, tile making spread all over Europe (France, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.).

Handcrafted Tile Products
The products made with the Art of Tile are among the products that best symbolize the value of the land, as it is an art made of soil. Products made with tile art, which has preserved its value from the past to the present and increases it day by day, are frequently preferred as souvenirs today. There are many different categories of products produced with tile art. Products such as candle holders, vases, pomegranate decor sets, tulip decor sets, plates, snack bowls, sauce bowls, salad bowls, glasses are the ones we can count here. There are many different kinds of products made with tile art.